[ hb-single-audio aid=”1″ ]

[ hb-single-audio aid=”6″ ]


[ hb-single-audio aid=”2″ ]

[ hb-single-audio aid=”3″ ]

[ hb-single-audio aid=”4″ ]

[ hb-single-audio aid=”5″ ]


“HB AUDIO GALLERY LITE” is one of the best available responsive, HTML5 based audio player plugin for WordPress in the market. Admin can easily use this plugin because its provide many good and useful features and facilities, which make the plugin easy to use.

Some of its features are :-

  • HTML5 Player
  • Compatible to IPhone, IPad, Tablets, Laptops etc.
  • Custom Post Type Support.
  • Upload Audio Files by admin section.
  • Short codes available for inserting Single Audio.
  • Support multiple short codes on single post or page.

So what are you waiting for…Just try it today.