Online apparel store with Magento

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Online apparel store with magento

I am a Fashion Designer, it was my passion so I did my study in this field. Due to responsibilities, I was not able to open a boutique or do a job. By managing time and work I started doing my designing work from home. But still, somewhere inside me, I wanted to expand my work and own a boutique. One of my customers suggested that I should start with a virtual store if I cannot have a physical one. I asked her how I can have a virtual apparel store, she gave me examples of many online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Ajio and many more. I went into the details to find how to build an online store, I came to know about eCommerce, eCommerce platforms and themes.


eCommerce or electronic commerce is an action of buying and selling products or services through the internet. It includes electronic fund transfer, mobile banking, online transaction process, supply chain management and many more. We can sell almost everything and anything everywhere.
Now I can sell anywhere sitting home without disturbing my schedule and other work. My customers have increased as there is no time or area limitation. My online apparel store is open 24*7 for my customers. I can provide easy money facilities to them as per their convenience through credit cards, debit cards, any gateway like paytm, google pay or any other. Customers are happy as they get their product to their doorstep.

eCommerce Platforms

Various eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce platforms are the one who build our online stores by providing coding or software in any programming language. There are many platforms available like WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Ravendel and many more. They may be headless, hosted, open source, paid or free. Each one has an exclusive feature one can choose according to one’s need and budget.

eCommerce Themes

The look and style of our store depend on the theme. It’s the theme which makes our store look stylish, well organised and disruptive. These themes may be customisable in color, font, layouts and many more things. They may be paid or free or charges may apply for updating or adding more features. Theme may be chosen according to one’s budget, products needed, and style of the owner.

Magento is an open-source hosted platform written in PHP. Magento is a headless approach with seamless third-party integration. Magento is a powerful and tensile eCommerce platform that supports small business, medium business, and large industries. Open-source platforms are available to all, anyone can use the coding and customize its functionality according to their needs for an online store by either having the knowledge about the programming language or by hiring a developer.

I chose Magento as it is malleable and a strong platform and suitable for me as I am a beginner and have a small store for apparel. After having an online apparel store on Magento I got a vast market to sell my products with ease. Mobile phones are more comfortable nowadays, I can now build a mobile phone version for my apparel store through PWA.

There are numerous themes available on Magento, paid, and free. Easily customized and handled with attractive layouts and homepages. I chose Ves Fashion for my apparel store as it is simple to use and an awesome arrangement and style suiting my products.

Ves Fashion

Ves Fashion - Responsive Multipurpose Magento 2.2.x & 1 Theme by venustheme

Ves fashion is a minimal, simple and easy to use the theme which is just awesome for the beginner and owner of a small business like mine. It is a paid theme costing $84. It is a fully responsive multipurpose theme of Magento.
It is completely designed in black and white, the great combination of colors, textures, and logical arrangement makes my apparel online store look more elegant, glamor, luxurious, attractive, and soothy. Also, the black and white background makes the product look amazing and the display is just perfect. It is completely suitable for Fashion stores like mine, Mobile Shop, Computer Store, Hightech Store, Gift Shop, Electronics shop or so on.
It has many fascinating features including fast check out process, fast loading, fully responsive, attractive image slider, quick view product, off-canvas menu, fast layered navigation,touch-optimized carousel, and many others.

Love Fashion

Love Fashion - Responsive Magento 2 Store Theme by magentech _ ThemeForest

Love Fashion is a fully responsive Magento theme that has 4+ unique homepage layouts. It is highly customizable and consists of a multi header and layouts styles. A powerful admin panel and plenty of options for the setting. It is a paid theme that costs $84 with additional charges. Love Fashion is relevant for online fashion stores, clothing stores, apparel, mall shops, and any Magento store and all kinds of business and sells any items. The stunning theme is designed with a trendy style clear layout and also supports other colors like Green, Orange, Violet, and Blue.
Love Fashion supports two layouts: Full-width layout and Left Sidebar layout. Six different types of products profile to choose from and many agile features such as homepage slideshow, powerful mega menu, ajax cart, ajax layer navigation, social box, up-sell, and related products slider, and much much more in the list.


Facon - Fashion Responsive Magento 2 Theme by Plaza-Themes _ ThemeForest

Facon is a multicolor, multi-layout fully responsive Magento theme. Facon is all about fashion which sells women fashion, men fashion, high fashion, and accessories. There is plenty of white space kept to put a focus on the best content one has. Magento extensions such as Banner Slider and Tab Category Slider and Recent Products Slider are separated by cms blocks and white space. Quickview is displayed by the nice icons on each product at the category page and homepage.
By the use of Quickview, the customers can view detailed information of the product and purchase it at the same time if they like. With Tab Category Slider one can choose the shown product of each category. Banner Slider is capable of showing a set number of banners. The responsive mobile theme looks elegant on all smaller devices: menu, language, currency, top links are collapsed. With pretty titles on Product Page, upsell and related products are displayed. Customers can also put comments and feedback through blogs and testimonials and posts and comments will help in advertising the store. Links, information about your store, payment method is put on the Footers.

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