Online Store For Selling Fruits And Vegetables with Woocommerce

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I have a business of fruits and vegetables, which are the basic needs and day to day requirements. Due to COVID 19, the selling of fruits and vegetables becomes so difficult. According to my business, the unfresh stock is not usable on the next day or after a few days.

I want the alternative for my business on an immediate basis without opening my shop. Closing of shops these days directly affects my business activity. As fruits and vegetables are the basic needs, but then also everyone is taking precautions and starting avoiding the purchase of fruits and vegetables due to social distancing and openly purchasing of fruits and vegetables can also increase the risk of covid19. Suddenly, during the talks with my regular customer, he had informed me about the eCommerce and advantages of business through an eCommerce online store.

Then I have decided to create my eCommerce online store, which is quite beneficial and helpful in running the business activity in these problematic days. Purchasing and selling through the online store is very easy and manageable and helps to fulfill the demands of customers regularly and safely in these days of covid19.

The following are the benefits that I have felt after selling the product with an online store.

  • The Business Can be Operated From Anywhere.
  • There is no time condition.
  • Comfortable, Convenient in Purchasing, and selling.
  • Less the risk of covid19.
  • It helps in maintaining social distancing.
  • Helpful in increasing the new customer.
  • Meet Customers Where They Want to Buy.

Various eCommerce Platforms

There are many platforms available to create an online store or eCommerce to sell many products. WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and Ravendel are one of them. I have analyzed such of them, and below I am providing some information about Woocommerce.

WooCommerce is a flexible, open-source eCommerce solution completely customizable eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs worldwide.
WooCommerce empowers small and medium businesses to build precisely the store they want and sell online.

There are numbers of free & paid beautiful themes available and to give an attractive look and feel to your online store. It is an entirely customizable platform, but a web developer is needed to do so.

In Woocommerce the code is available It means the customization possibilities with a platform like WooCommerce are endless. You can create a store with a real personality. Little wonder that WooCommerce calls itself “the world’s most customizable eCommerce platform.”

Specific, mobile-responsive WordPress themes exist for WooCommerce. There’s a vast selection to choose from and, because WordPress themes work with WooCommerce stores, your design options are never-ending.

The following are some themes of Woocommerce which I have like for my Business.



Hereford is agriculture and organic food theme that will help you build an astounding website. Whether you are into food recipes or a farmer with your own cattle farm, honey bees, or an eco-farm where you are growing your fruit and vegetables, this is just the theme for you. It comes with beautiful pre-designed layouts that will help you to display your products in a stellar fashion. Our templates are great for any horse ranch, vineyard, winery, milk (dairy products), beekeeping (apiary) businesses. Hereford is an excellent choice for everyone trying to launch a great website without any hassle.



The FoodFarm theme is designed with a stylish, modern & clean concept to bring in a massive aesthetic for a website template that meets & fits all demands for display and selling products related to farms, farmers, food retail, food company, organic food, seed, fruits, animals food.
Moreover, FoodFarm WordPress Theme is designed with many different layouts, Footers, Headers and developed based on powerful plugins such as WPBakery Page Builder, Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution, and a robust admin panel allowing you to set up, configure your site the way you want without any coding experiences required.

Green Farm

Green Farm

The Green Farm is the perfect WordPress theme for organic farm websites or a fresh local market. Healthy organic food is mainstream presently. Any green agriculture business requires an online food store or at least a website to showcase natural products, eco vegetables and fruit they grow.

The WooCommerce section has a fresh looking design and lets you create an organic food store or an organic shop, to sell farm-grown, eco natural products online. Organic and healthy food is now mainstream, and this Organic Food Farm theme will let you be on top.



The Veggie supper market WordPress theme is made exclusively to sell organic, eco, and farm products like grocery shops, vegetable shops, fruit shops, organic food, online food marts, and more! With several theme demos tailored to different concepts, it’s super easy to find a theme close to your project and start hacking on it!



The eFarm is the most innovative generation of FoodFarm WordPress Theme, is designed with a strong sense of modern and new UI, UX graphic trend. eFarm presents many exceptional layouts (10+ Homepage layouts, Multiple Blog, Portfolio layouts, and other CMS pages) well-suited for showcasing farm, food company, food retail, farm animals, organic shop, food shop… What’s more? You will be surprised by the extensive power this template gives you.
eFarm is also based on the Redux framework and empowered by a robust admin panel and a lot of other popular plugins such as Visual composer, Slider revolution, Ultimate addons for Composer, WPML, Mega Menu, Ajax Search, Ajax product filter…. So, it is an assurance that eFarm will bring you a super powerful feature of WordPress Theme.

Limitations of Woocommerce

Limited Functionality: You can’t use recurring payment with this gateway. So if Subscriptions are a big part of your business, I recommend staying with your current payment gateway.

Compatibility with Apps: Another great thing about Stripe is that many infrastructures have been built directly on top of it. Some applications, such as Baremetrics, have a direct integration with Stripe.

Cannot Import Historical Data: It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I’m a huge data nerd. If you’ve been in business for a few years, you have a vast amount of data about your customers, including how much they purchase and how often.
A lot of this data should be in WooCommerce, but some information is saved in the payment gateway, and currently, you cannot import historical data into WooCommerce Payments.
If you’re a giant data nerd or have very invaluable data that you don’t want to lose, you might want to wait until WooCommerce Payments lets you import your historical data.

Negotiated Payment Gateway Fees: One of the last points could be one of the biggest depending on the size of your store. The standard pricing with modern payment gateways like Stripe and WooCommerce Payments is 2.9% + .30.

Some merchants don’t know that you can negotiate better rates once you start bringing in significant money. There aren’t any rates set in stone, but the rule of thumb is if you make over $80,000+ a month, you can negotiate prices with your payment gateway.


Business with eCommerce online stores results quite profitable and efficient to me in these days of covid19. It is quite challenging to continue the business activities these days without opening a shop.

The eCommerce store has become another best option to sell my products and deliver it towards the customer safely without managing dense crowds. It also helps in maintaining social distancing and increases the sale of my product.

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