Top Trends of Web Development to Follow

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The web is growing, and the usage of the internet is increasing rapidly, The trend of development is transforming very fast. To stay ahead and at the top, the developers need to know these trends. Let’s discuss the few of the top web development trends for 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

Most of the new technologies have the influence of AI on them from a very high level to some extent. For example, chatbots. Most of the service providers are using bots to help them with customer care. To develop an algorithm in a way so that it can resolve common user queries quickly.

The age of robots is in a sufficient rhythm. Companies have started to leverage the advantages of using the services of AI in their solutions. AI is here to complement their skills and inspire human focus from stable jobs through innovative development.

Progressive Web Apps

As an outcome of Increasingly using HTML5 as well as the internet evolution, Progressive Web Apps have obtained momentum. It provides users the experience of a native app without installing one.

In the form of websites or web pages, the PWA web apps provide a higher level of user satisfaction. Uber has experienced a massive rise in the growth rates after choosing the PWA idea, and other companies already followed it or following it.

Without the limitation of the device or the platform, PWAs provides a native app-like experience.


In the previous days, when you enter in a hot room and wait for the air conditioner to cool your environment for 5-10 minutes. But now, through IoT and the increase of smart homes, you switch on it with the help of your smartphones before you enter your home. It is one of the successful implementations of IoT and how it makes the lives of the common people more comfortable.

IoT is much more advance now, and many companies are benefitting from it. If you enter a shopping mall, you get their offers alert directly on your phone as per the section in which you are standing currently. It is a small example of what IoT is capable of doing.

IoT can apply in many places, and for this, you need a capable web development services. Start today to get benefits from it.

Blockchain Technology

Moving cashless is the modern trend, and online payment methods have obtained all over the world. But the Blockchain Technology takes this barter system to the whole new level. According to the estimation, the productive web enterprise expected to observe an extensive transformation, and it already begins.

The usage of Blockchain Technology is not only limited to cryptocurrency anymore. Many enterprises start using it in a variety of domains like gaming, storage, healthcare, security, fintech. There is so much we can achieve by using it.

Single Page Application

single page application is one of an essential thing that is Conquering the digital world. Some of the significant examples of this Single Page Application development include Facebook, Gmail, and Github, and many more.

It removed the requirement to reload every single webpage. To load the content dynamically, it uses JavaScript. And by using this approach, they increase the user experience significantly because it loads the content in a super-fast manner, and this reduces the bounce rate of the site drastically.

This technology renders the web pages directly into the browser of the user—the most reliable method to produce sites requiring a high level of responsiveness in the application. There are many JavaScript frameworks in the market to do so. Some of the best are React, Vue, Angular.


Without mentioning javascript, the list of latest web development trends is incomplete. When we talk about the development of dynamic web apps, the first thing that comes to our mind is JavaScript.

For building Single Page Application to developing Mobile apps, all the things can produce using Various JavaScript frameworks. For SPA, it is React, Vue, Angular, and for Mobile apps, they are Ionic, React Native Flutter, amongst others.

Adaptability and saturation

Functionality, performance, and simplicity are the factor which is very critical for web development. But it is also crucial to keep extending the limits and adding essential elements without any compromise in the quality. More enhanced visuals like animations and images add value to the overall interactivity of the site and to make the content look more meaningful on any device or platform.

With the latest innovations in the web development industry, new frameworks continue to coming up to service these demands. These web development trends change the way we live our lives in the future. Technologies have enhanced our lifestyles and continue to doing so.

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