11 signs to redesign your website

Here is a great saying by Paul Rand about design –

   Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.

Design plays a vital role in a world where you can’t interact with each customer in person. Building and designing your website isn’t one-time work. Internet evolves with time, and your website starts becoming obsolete. There are many factors that are key to successful website designs. But saying in one line – if your website isn’t working in favor of your business, redesign it now. Regular redesigning could be beneficial for your business in the long run.

Here are 11 signs why you need a new design for your website

#1 Your visitors are not staying on your website

It takes 0.05 seconds for visitors to make an opinion about whether they’ll stay or leave the website. And the design is the only element that captures our eyes in the first few seconds. Your website design is failing if your bounce rate is through the roof. Many times your previous users revisit you to explore and experience something new. Same old design and features get them to lose interest, and they skip your site. You need to create that first impression so that visitors stay to take the further ride of your site. Just slight alterations in a design can reduce your bounce rate up to 80%.

#2 Google can’t find your website anymore

Though the use of rich keywords, quality content, and backlinks benefit SEO. But have you noticed that even after your efforts in on-page optimization, there is no significant improvement in your SERP rankings? This is because you’re not paying attention to the technical SEO of your site. Search engines also crawl your website’s core elements (besides content) for organic ranking. Fulfilling these core requirements makes your website SEO friendly for modern search engines. Use new graphics and CSS to optimize your technical SEO for better ranking.

#3 Your website is slow to load

74% of visitors will leave the site taking more than 5 seconds to load.

It’s disappointing that the website keeps loading even after getting the best web hosting service. Old designs include heavy use of javascript, which affects page loading speed. New sustainable designs can reduce page weight, making it faster to load. Additionally, try removing unnecessary design elements (particularly heavier ones) to optimize your page speed. You must cut out on futile plugins and bulky media. Consider redesigning your web pages with lightweight HTML and CSS.

#4 Your website lacks advanced technical features

There have been constant improvements in technology over the last few decades. It has changed the way we fulfill our wants over the internet. If your website requires a developer for every small or large change, it means your website needs redesigning. New website designs allow access to CMS like Hubspot, WordPress, etc. You can easily add or remove your content (e.g., blogs, images), schedule events, calendars, etc. Advance UI even lets you integrate third-party plugins into your website for your daily operations.

#5 Your competitor’s website looks way better than yours

No matter how good service or product you offer. What creates an initial impression is an aesthetic and engaging website interface. Survival for businesses on the internet becomes even more challenging with so many websites out there. Always keep an eye on your competition. If your website looks outdated and boring in front of your competitor’s sites, you’ve deliberately handed over weapons to your enemy. Regular redesigning your website helps you keep up with the competition so that you don’t lose your customers to your competitors.

#6 Your website design is not mobile-friendly

Nearly two-thirds of your site’s traffic comes from mobile phones.

This means if you pay no heed to responsiveness, you’re ignoring 65% of your visitors.

Businesses are shifting to “mobile-first” designs to attract more and more web users. Your website must look good and usable on mobile screens. Use responsive page layouts, images, and other elements to provide an engaging user experience.

Google also consider responsive websites in their ranking factors. So redesigning for mobiles can also help you reach more audience than before.

#7 Your website is difficult to navigate

Navigation is a roadmap of your website.

If your visitors are unable to get the information they want quickly, they’ll get frustrated. They won’t revisit you in the future. Poor navigation is an example of bad UX. Designers often miss making navigations readable and visible enough. Redesign your interface to provide all necessary information to your visitors in one glimpse. Cluttered navigation bars also reduce the usability of your website. Make clear navigation bars; use highlighted colors and whitespace. Your web design must always be easy to read and operate.

#8 If you’re planning to expand your business

Your website should speak about all the products and services you offer. If you’ve currently made changes in your business and started providing new products or offering new services, you should add them to your site. Your visitors should not feel off sync between your business and your website. They should get an idea from your website of what you deliver. If you’re still dealing in old goods/services and included new to them, new ones always require extra marketing efforts. What could be better than redesigning your site in context with your latest offerings.

#9 Your website stop getting effective conversion

Your website design matters if it’s about converting your site visitors to your customers. There is no use of your website if it can’t drive your users to click the button. If your website conversion rate declines with time, your design becomes ineffective. Marketers know they can’t use the same flyers for advertisement multiple times. The same goes for other web and landing page designs. Your audience wants to feel new with every seasonal deal you offer. It would be best if you constantly redesigned your pages, CTA messages, and buttons to improve your conversion rate.

#10 Your webpages have broken elements

How often do you check your website to ensure everything works well?

It’s foreseen that, with time, our design may have broken links and buttons that redirect you to the wrong pages. And this may be the reason your website is not contributing to your success. These broken links prevent your visitors from getting to the right pages and taking the required actions. You may also have outdated imagery that doesn’t gets load. It deludes the overall website look. It’s necessary to rebuild your broken elements and refresh your website design.

#11 Your website gets too much troubleshooting

If your website performance is steadily decreasing, take it as a red alert. Your website is near to completely dead. Getting too many technical errors hinders users’ experience. However, these issues aren’t always related to designing. Bugs crawling in your code sometimes may get managed through redevelopment only. Yet in most cases, these are due to outdated UI, unoptimized media, and poor resolutions. Redesigning your website is the best decision here.

#BONUS – Your design is not upgraded in the last 3 years

Have you modified your design and layouts in the last 2-3 years?

If not, your design is already accomplishing the majority of the above signs in some way or other. The average lifespan of any website is not more than three years. With constant improvements in digital tech, any website can perform well for a maximum of 3 years with the same design. Therefore you should consider redesigning your website frequently.

Is it time for you to redesign your website?

If you’re planning to update your web design on your own, do it now rather than later.

Are you thinking of redesigning your website with a designer? HB Websol can help you in your journey. Our Experts team wireframes a series of steps from user research to launch so that we don’t miss anything for you. Schedule a call today.

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