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I have a shop for Grocery items, which has been closed for the last three months due to covid19. As the groceries are essential and day to day requirements of everyone, I wanted any other option to sell my product.

I wanted to sell my products without opening my shop because it causes a massive crowd. That was quite risky at that time; It was also tough for me to maintain the social distance at my physical store, which is very important nowadays. One day my neighbor advised me to have an eCommerce store to sell groceries and other products through the online store. I saw this new eCommerce approach as quite beneficial in maintaining social distancing and continuing the business activity safely.

The current world depends on technology and the internet;
I have also decided to move forward with the world of the internet and start running my business activity through the internet and eCommerce through which I can easily sell my product online, fulfill my customer needs, and maintain a good relationship with my new and existing customers in these difficult days.

Selling products through the online store is beneficial for me in the following ways:

  • Convenient in buying and selling.
  • Business with online stores saves time and effort.
  • Opportunities to manage the business from anywhere in the world.
  • It has global access, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Communication with the customers becomes quite easy and gets their feedback on the business.
  • Effective in maintaining social distancing.


Nowadays, there are various platforms present to create an online store or an eCommerce site to sell grocery items. WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and Ravendel are some of them. I study many eCommerce platforms and here I’m sharing my knowledge regarding Shopify.


Shopify is a well-known Canadian-based eCommerce platform. Shopify has an interface that makes it simple to navigate. It also deals with transaction processing time very efficiently.

Shopify has the best strategy to have a productive website, that helps increase visits to the online store. Shopify provides a wide variety of themes that make the store attractive and functional. Themes are available as per the domains such as groceries, watches, Beverage, etc. which makes the website deliberate. Premium themes are available in quite a wide range.

Shopify is known as one of the most successful platforms for creating online stores for selling different types of products. Here are a few of the Shopify Themes which I liked for groceries business.


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Dailytown – The Grocery & Food Responsive Premium Shopify Theme

Dailytown The Grocery & Food Responsive Premium Shopify Templates Theme- Online Store for Selling Grocery with Shopify

Dailytown – The Grocery & Food Shopify eCommerce Template is explicitly made for food, electronics, and smartphone stores and also suitable for other stores like beauty, shoes, kids fashion, beauty accessories, tools. It is formed with the famous CSS framework bootstrap4 to provide a quality responsive layout in all devices such as small, medium, large, and extra-large devices. It also has RTL support.

Freaza – Organic Food Fruit Vegetables Shopify Theme

Freaza - Organic Food Fruit Vegetables Shopify Theme- Online Store for Selling Grocery with Shopify

Freaza is a clean, elegant Shopify Theme specially produced for creating a professional online shop for selling grocery items. It is best for creating an online store for fruits and vegetable shops, fruits stores, and organic food. The Freaza theme comes with 5+ homepages variation, 5+ header styles, and 5+ menu styles.

It is retina-ready, fully responsive, and mobile-ready to ensure that your website will look stunning and work smoothly across all modern devices to give your users a fantastic viewing experience.

Foodie – Delivery Store Shopify Theme

Shopify Delivery Store Template Foodie Theme- Online Store for Selling Grocery with Shopify

This Shopify delivery store template named Foodie focused on food delivery and suits entirely for fast food delivery business websites.

It has a fresh design performed in light palette color. It is equipped with search engine optimization; has a contact form, multilingual and multi-currency support.

The template’s responsive design provides a much better user experience for those who look through a web page on a smartphone or a tablet. At the same time, it allows displaying the theme equally well on all possible screen resolutions.

Besides, it helps to boost the rankings of an eCommerce website on search engine results pages.

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Apparelix Healthy Food eCommerce Template Shopify Theme

Healthy Food eCommerce Template Apparelix Shopify Theme- Online Store for Selling Grocery with Shopify

A healthy food eCommerce template is a part of the Apparelix multifaceted theme family and perfectly suits an online store to sell organic, vegan or just health-oriented food products. It has a bright design that can attract site visitors from first sight.

Shopify Advanced Options System that allows customizing and managing the store in a few clicks only. Thanks to the web-customizer, you will have an opportunity to create your unique website design.

Apparelix’s healthy food theme is packaged with all the needed plugins and options to present and sell organic food products. It suits well for vegan online stores, natural and healthy online markets, etc.

Asian Cuisine Products Shopify Theme

Asian Cuisine Products Shopify Theme- Online Store for Selling Grocery with Shopify

Asian cuisine, a top choice of many gourmetsAbsolute black colors, will give your platform a reputable look, inspiring customer’s confidence in the decent quality of your offerings. As prices, add-to-cart buttons, and the essential details accentuated with red color, they are highly notable against the dark background and motivational for a purchase. You can show what can prepare from the promoted ingredients to add images of savory dishes to the slider and columns under it. Thus, the visitor will feel a great desire to try products of the store built with this theme.

Limitations of Shopify

Content Management: Shopify is, first and foremost, a tool for running an e-commerce store. And while Shopify is capable of in-depth product descriptions, product-related content, and a store blog, it doesn’t compare to the primary content management systems (CMSs) such as WordPress.

If e-commerce is your primary focus, your content will need to be served by Shopify. It can be achieved with bespoke theme customization, complete with sections and blocks, and utilizing Shopify’s blogging platform, which we’ve seen repurposed and used for content such as recipe catalogs, press pages, and lookbooks.

Product Search And Filtering: Shopify has a robust search mechanism, but the basic, out-of-the-box version comes with some limitations.

While you can add a sidebar to filter products, unfortunately, it’s not linked with the search. So when you search for “t-shirt,” you get back a listing of “t-shirts,” but you don’t get the filter options you would find on the collection page (e.g., the ability to narrow your search to only red t-shirts). Instead, you’d be filtering across all your products if you started pressing those filter buttons.

By default, Shopify provides basic search functionality that does very little to assist the user. If you mistype the name of the product, there are no results and no corrections, plus there are no suggestions while typing, which might otherwise avoid this scenario.

Solution: There are Shopify apps out there that can get you a long way to achieving this. We solve it using tools such as SearchSpring and Klevu, which provide integrated suggestive search, faceted filtering, and sophisticated merchandising.

International Retail And Localisation: At present, Shopify provides the ability to show prices in multiple currencies using real-time exchange rate data. Once you progress to payment, however, you can only pay in the base currency of the site. For example, if you have a UK bank account, your US customers will see products displayed in dollars; however, the total will revert to pounds at checkout.

Shopify POS: Shopify has leaped and linked online and physical retail with the Shopify POS system. The Shopify POS system accepts any form of payment, from credit and debit cards to gift cards, and recently integrated Apple Pay into their handheld card reader. You can even manage refunds and store credit.


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