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I have a shop for exclusive and Stylish Watches, which is closed for three months due to covid19. However, I want to sell the watches without opening my store. Due to the closing of the shop, it makes an extensive loss in my business. I was quite worried about my business. One day I was talking with my friend. During the conversation, I became aware of eCommerce, a way to sell watches using an online store.

The modern world entirely depends on technology; I also want to move forward with the new technology to expand my business. I found out that by using an eCommerce, a person can easily purchase and sell the product using the internet.

Selling products on an online store gives us the following advantages:

  • The presence of a person is not required in purchasing and selling.
  • It is also helpful in maintaining social distancing.
  • The buyer can easily buy the product any time, as the online business is available for 24 hours.
  • Through smartphones, tablets, and laptops, anyone can purchase and sell the products, and electronically the money can be transferred.
  • I can sell my products from anywhere in this implicit world without any interference to my place.

So I have decided to use eCommerce to expand my business in this challenging time and continue my business activity without opening the shop. As eCommerce allows a person to sell any product anywhere, I started to explore more to benefit from it.

There are many platforms present to create an online store or an eCommerce site. Some of them are WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Ravendel Each platform has its advantages and limitations. It depends on the business needs which platform is the best fit for you. So I decided to explore the platforms one by one.


Shopify an excellent, top-rated, Canadian-based eCommerce platform. Shopify assists you in managing the online eCommerce stores through technological needs. It also has a straightforward and clear interface, which makes it easy to navigate. It also deals with transaction processing time very efficiently.

An excellent tactic to have a successful website is making it aesthetically pleasing and making it functional. Shopify provides a variety of themes that can potentially increase visits to your page. Themes are available as per the domains like Furniture, Food & Beverage, Art & Photography, etc., so that your website looks like it is intended. There is an even more extensive range if you are willing to pay for it.

Shopify is considered one of the most popular platforms for small and large businesses. It could cost quite an amount, but you must look into it deeper and decide whether or not you want to choose Shopify.

Some of the Shopify themes which I had selected for my watch business.


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Apparelix – Watches Store Website Template Shopify Theme

Apparelix shopigy Theme- Online Store for Selling of watches with Shopify

The Apparelix theme is an outstanding choice if you want to create a website for watches Shopify. This theme is entirely customizable and allows a lot of control to users in determining how it will look and functions at the end. However, it provides multiple features. It doesn’t mean you have to spend a long time building your site. It’s quite comfortable to use this theme.

This Shopify theme was created with site speed so that the potential customers will smoothly go from browsing the content and purchasing it from the online store. It is quite simple to update and provides several information block sections; you can edit to include custom information like text, graphics, photos, buttons, and widgets on the fly.

Another beneficial addition is testimonials; Through this feature, you can receive testimonials from your best customers and provide social evidence that visitors need to make a purchasing decision. The features also add social media integration and MailChimp’s full support so the email marketing game will remain secure.

Watches – Online Store Shopify Theme

Watches Online Store Shopify Theme- Online Store for Selling of watches with Shopify

The Watch theme is superb; The name defines an online store; it is a responsive theme for Shopify stores. It emphasizes a multipurpose design, which makes this theme an excellent option that doesn’t mean what type of store you operate.

The theme appears with all the needed tools and modules required to create an official online store. It has many customization options to make this theme its own and includes your product colors and fonts.

You can easily change navigation, page layouts, and product display. There are choices to add powerful filters on shop pages without download and install a third-party app. The Watch theme appears with a useful mega menu. It can display your Instagram feed, custom wishlist, sale notifications, and many other things. On top of that, the theme is GDPR-compliant and makes it easy to import your products from Oberlo and other platforms.

1Second – Watches store eCommerce Clean Shopify Theme

Watches store eCommerce Clean - 1Second Shopify Theme- Online Store for Selling of watches with Shopify

The 1Second theme has a minimalistic and straightforward interface that provides your customers and visitors to focus on your products. It begins with 18 premade stores, so you can easily pick the one that satisfies your personal style the best.

In terms of customization options, the 1Second theme comes with several premade header styles, and you can easily customize fonts, colors, and many others. You will also find flexible banner sections, adhesive add-to-cart buttons, a design that’s optimized to load secure, and more exceeding.


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Watchin – Watch eCommerce Shopify Theme

Watchin - Watch eCommerce Shopify Theme- Online Store for Selling of watches with Shopify

Watchin is an eCommerce Shopify Theme for a responsive watch store Shopify theme. This multipurpose Shopify theme is perfect for a brand or non-brand watch store. This stylish eCommerce website theme is created with Shopify Builder.

Watchin Bootstrap 4 theme comes with three different homepage layouts and three shop layouts. However, display your exclusive products, hot deals, new trending collection, related products in a luxurious way. Moreover, sell those products by using a beautiful slider and banner. The excellent features of Watchin make your work effortless that’s why customization is so easy for you. This premium Shopify theme has Newsletter Popup, Notification Bar, Mega Menu with Image, Drop-down Menu, Shop Grid/List View, Custom HTML Section, Ajax Cart, Wishlist, Quick View, Testimonial, and Latest Blog. Get Contact Form, Google Map, Multiple Currency, Disqus Comment, Social Media Integration, 15+ Pre-Loader, Shortcodes, and plenty more.

Smart Devices – Smartwatches And Trackers Shopify Theme

Smart Devices - Smartwatches And Trackers Shopify Theme- Online Store for Selling of watches with Shopify

The Smart Devices theme is for Smartwatches And Trackers Shopify Theme with a fresh design and a user-friendly interface. This theme will be an excellent solution for your brand new e-commerce website. Stylish, convenient, and accessible to use, this Shopify Theme has an adaptive design and different page layout options.

This theme will significantly simplify the creation of your brand new site. Working with our theme will be a great pleasure. In general, it’s a creative theme for a smart devices website. It involves contact information and many other elements and features. This theme will help you to make an online store that will never let you down.

Responsive design provides a much better user experience for those who check out a smartphone or tablet website. Besides, it helps raise the positions of a website in search engine results pages.

One of the biggest concerns for having a website for your business is how the payment can be made easy and quick for the customers. Shopify has inbuilt payment services like Amazon, Apple Pay, and PayPal. It also allows you to accept payments from credit cards.

A website must be able to boost sales. Sometimes, customers can keep things in their cart but might have to click off the site because of an interruption. They might forget this later on and never come back to it. Shopify has a feature called abandoned cart recovery that can help you with a cart with products in it that have been forgotten. This feature sends an email to the customer at specific intervals to remind them. The range can be customized.

Selling and buying the products using an online store is a less time-consuming and effortless process for the customers and the seller. The customer receives quick delivery without moving from their doorstep. I have made many changes in my online business after my customer’s feedback.

Following are the limitations of Shopify

Robust Analytics: Some Shopify Plus users have frustrated over the lack of in-depth native reporting functionality, particularly for larger stores with more sophisticated product offerings. Many of Shopify’s built-in reporting tools are geared toward small businesses with simple product lines, so the devices lose their value as you scale up your business significantly.

Native Search Filtering: There is a lack of native filtering and search options when setting up your catalog. Individually, you can’t search limited to a given category of products, and misspellings aren’t auto-corrected.
The platform also has limited product attribute specifications, making it difficult to set up different fields for different types of products. There are third-party apps that can solve some of these problems, but they are not built into Shopify’s platform.
Additionally, Shopify Plus has a variant limit of 100 per product. It means that you can’t sell more than 100 different colors, sizes, or flavors for any given product.

Locked Checkout Functionality: Although you can alter your front-end checkout look, you cannot add fields or change functionality. It can be frustrating if you want to add address fields or make other country-specific customizations. Selling across borders could be somewhat problematic with this limitation.

The checkout process is one of the most crucial elements of any eCommerce. It can mean the difference between a high conversion rate and a top cart abandonment rate. Not having total control over setting up your checkout funnel is problematic.

Multi-storefront Management: While you can link multiple domains back to a single site, Shopify Plus does not allow you to manage storefronts with different warehouses, or products from a single place.

It is challenging to manage multiple brands, catalogs, and B2B service offerings, not to mention your complete inventory if you happen to store and ship from various warehouses. It is one area where it would be complicated, if not impossible, to overcome on Shopify Plus if you’re a large-scale eCommerce business with various brands and stores to manage simultaneously.

International Support: If you are looking to expand globally, it is essential to know and comply with various countries’ laws. Shopify Plus does not offer native tools that help customers navigate customs clearance, regulatory compliance, advanced tax requirements, or other legal complications associated with operating an international eCommerce store.


My eCommerce experience is quite excellent in these problematic days of COVID 19. My shop has been closed for the last three months. Having an eCommerce store to sell the product helped me these days in maintaining flexibility in my work and provides me another platform to enhance my business and helps to attract more and more new visitors.

The business with eCommerce is more effective and convenient than a business with the physical store.


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