Top Reactjs Features Which Make It Best For Development

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There were many technologies available like AngularNode.js, Meteor when Facebook launched React.js; the developers had to do so much coding. Developers who are working on other frameworks have the challenge of rewriting most of the codes, even when crafting components that change frequently. Developers wanted a framework that could easily break down complex components and reuse that code.

Today, React.js becomes quite popular because it is offering features like simplicity and flexibility.

Introduction of React.js

React.js is a component-based javascript library. That we use to build an interactive and useful user interface for websites and mobile applications, mainly to develop single-page applications where data reflect in real-time. In current days React.js is one of the most successful front-end JavaScript libraries which deals with View in the MVC (Model – View – Controller).

In React.js, everything is a component; the homepage is divide into small parts that merged and completed the View. The main feature of React.js is Virtual-DOM, in which only a single-way of data binding is present. Whereas in AngularJS, two-way data binding is there, and If we make any changes in the View, it also reflects in the data and vice versa. In other ends, Instead of updating the DOM directly, React.js makes two models of a Virtual DOM, the original and refreshed version that reflects changes displayed in the View. The two copies that save compared later, and when any changes happen, react update view directly. That’s why it preferred as a real-time application.


React.js creates a very interactive and productive user interface for websites and mobile applications. Produce simple views for each section in the application. React.js efficiently update & render the right components when the data changes. Declarative views make the code more simple and more comfortable to debug.

ReactJS Features For Web and Mobile- Top Reactjs Features Which Make It Best For Development

Virtual DOM

In React.js, each DOM object has its corresponding virtual DOM object, and A virtual DOM object represents a DOM object. It builds a virtual copy of the original DOM. It is single-way data binding; therefore, manipulating the virtual DOM is fast, rather than updating the original DOM because nothing gets drawn on the screen.

Event handling

React creates its event system, which is entirely compatible with the W3C object model. Instances of Synthetic Events wrap all browser’s native events. It means you do not need to worry about incompatible event names and fields. Additionally, the React event system implemented through event delegation. It also has a large pool of event objects to reduce memory overhead.


JSX is best to consider as a markup syntax that very closely follows HTML. It is a combination of Javascript + XML. It makes writing React.js components, the building blocks of React UI, more manageable. By making the syntax developers use for generating these strings of HTML almost identical to the HTML, they will inject it into the web page. JSX is one of the most significant React.js features. The developers will always go for an easy way. That’s why this is an excellent choice for many.

Reactjs JSX- Top Reactjs Features Which Make It Best For Development


React.js uses single-way data binding with the application architecture called Flux controls. React.js helps us to update the View for the user, and, through Flux, it controls the application workflow. Introducing virtual DOM helps it to compares the new data with the original DOM and automatically updates the View.

React Native:

React Native is a custom render for React.js, like React DOM on The Web. React Native uses the native components rather than web components like React as building blocks. To start with React Native, you have to know the fundamental React concepts, like JSX, components, state, and props. If you know, React.js, Then also you need to learn stuff specific to React Native, like the native components. React Native also provides access to the features these platforms offer, apart from transforming React.js code to work on iOS and Android.


In React.js, everything is a component of the web page divided into small elements to form a view(or UIs). Every part of the application visuals would wrap inside a self-contained module known as a component. The component logic is composed of JavaScript instead of templates. We can pass valuable data through the app and keep the state out of the DOM. A component in React.js uses to exdefine the visuals and interactions in the applications.


React.js uses a unique technology that has not been used before in any other web application development. It’s an excellent platform to make a high-scale presentation layer for the application. We can make it faster by using immutable data structures. React.js features like components allow us to produce new features in React without editing the existing code.

There are lots of Flux implementations we can choose from, including the brand new framework Relay. The Virtual DOM feature is not present in Angular adds an extra element. To deal with real-time data, React.js is the best solution.

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