Top Reasons Why Choose React for Your Next Project

Till 2022, More than 40% of web applications are built using React. Among soo many technologies, React is constantly gaining traction. Learn what capabilities made React reign the throne.

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React is the most famous open-source javascript library for front-end UI. It has become a hot choice for developers and brands to build fast, interactive, performance-centric web applications. Ease of javascript to learn and lightweight framework to create fast load UIs, together makes React the best of both worlds. Since the last few years, React is still a showstopper when compared with its co-front-end partners – Vue.js, Ember or Angular.

Brands like Airbnb and NETFLIX use React in app development for some strong reasons. If you’re planning to launch robust applications (web or mobile) that could be competitive enough, consider React for dynamic front-end layers.

# What is React JS?

React is an open-source JavaScript library for creating dynamic web interfaces, developed by Meta Platform Inc in 2013. It was primarily built for cross-platform mobile apps. The framework is now the most desirable option for developers to design modern single-page applications. React can help easily manage data and render content at any scale. Fortune 500 companies like Facebook, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, etc., leverage React for their application development.

React is an appropriate framework for websites of all kinds, with small to large content density. The best thing about React framework is it keeps improving at the pace of market demands. The latest release (React v18.2.0) was in June 2022 that came up with features like automatic batching, suspense SSR, server components etc.

# Benefits for Developer


In the declarative approach, you write code that shows what you want rather than steps to get it done. DOM in React is declarative. This means you write/change the component’s state and React updates the structure of the DOM accordingly to generate your desired results. Developers can even use Virtual DOM for lightning-fast interface rendering.

In simple, you create interactive UI by changing state and not DOM. React adjust UI appearance by automatically rendering accurate components whenever you change the program’s state. This makes it easier to follow code and debug.

Easy Learning Curve

React was the most popular front-end choice among developers in 2022, with a significant share of 42.62% of usage.

One of the reasons why more talent is shifting to React is it’s easy to learn, adapt and implement, yet develop powerful web or mobile applications. React uses just plain javascript. And Javascript is already a widely used primary programming language, so you just need to polish your already-known Js stack and start building user-focused interfaces in no time.

Vast Community

React is an open-source, Javascript library created by Meta Platforms, Inc. So the framework has a vast contribution by Meta (or Facebook) community. Also, you can get support from a highly active community of millions of developers on its GitHub repositories etc.

Dev. Tools

React let developers engage in a rich toolset to meet their full potential. This developer’s toolset allows you to inspect React components, edit state and props, and optimize pages for search. You can use assorted tools to help your team identify performance issues and streamline processes to build dynamic web applications. This benefit of React further makes it an outstanding choice over other JS frameworks.

Reusable components

Another great thing about React is its component-based flexibility that no other front-end javascript libraries like Angular or Vue.js may excel in. Custom components help fast application development across platforms by minimizing coding from scratch.

React Native is a mobile app framework that helps render React-based UI components with native capabilities. Hence using the same components on any platform reduces excess cost and development time. It also allows developers to maintain, test or scale apps on a progressive base (by iterating one component code at a time) rather than as a whole code.


# Benefits for Brands

Fast Load UI

According to Hubspot Statistics 2022, 55.5% of users consider slow loading as a primary reason for abandoning any site.

Fast loading is very crucial for user retention and reducing bounce rate. React uses component-based development with the least coding and lightweight interfaces to cut load times. React is a front-end JavaScript library known to build single-page web applications (SPAs). These applications take the shortest wait time and prevent multiple loading. That’s why many brands prefer React to offer lightning-fast front-end layers.

Cross-Platform Support

One of the reasons why top brands love React is fast cross-platform rendering. React can be a central stack to build applications for many platforms at once. React twin – React Native is a UI software framework for building native apps for Android, iOS or Windows platforms.

React and React Native both use reusable UI components, making it much faster to develop apps for different platforms using the same components. Just write components once and use them on any platform to offer the same design patterns on the web and mobile. Hence it saves development costs, yet faster introduction of the brand to many platforms.

SEO Friendly

Since previous algorithm updates, Google core web vitals are becoming a more dominant ranking factor. Search Engine Crawlers index and rank fast-loading web pages with relevant keywords. React is used to create lightning-fast user interfaces with infinite scale capacity that increases customer engagement. Loading speed positively influences bounce rate, which, in turn, improves SEO.

Also, the use of modern UI and customer-centric technologies like React increases the credibility of the applications. This contributes to website DA, which is also one of the factors for SERPs ranking. React can also help in mobile web visibility due to its mobile-friendly component approach.

Progressive and Futuristic

The growing demand for React framework is inevitable. It is a compatible and future-centric front-end framework. With simplicity and speed, React is the most appropriate technology to meet future scale. Moreover, the other benefits we discussed so far make it ultimately stable and mature technology for tomorrow.

However, all Javascript frameworks like React, Angular, Node.js, and Vue help in modern development with complete freedom. All of them are going to be around in the long run.

# What Else

Besides the above benefits, React is fully packed with pros that can convince you to use it for your next project. It supports easy third-party integrations, so you’re never out of possibilities. React allows flexible development due to its compatibility with other technologies. Combining React with GraphQL and Node.js (Gatsby.js) are some other examples that make it future-proof.

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