Why Bounce Rate Are So High & How To Improve It

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What is Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the ratio of visitors landing your website and leaving the page immediately after viewing only one page on the website. It is a single-page session calculated by analytics. No resultant hit after the first one in which the user views only one page and exits during that session without triggering any other request. Thus, a visitor bounces from a site by clicking on a separate link, immediately leaving your page by clicking the back button, and switching to another page by typing a new URL. It indicates that we are not able to convince our customers to stay on-page and make their purchase.

What should be the Factors on which Bounce Rate Depends

The bounce rate is essential for analysis as the bounce rate is positive, but the high quality is negative. The consideration of bounce rate is useful in some places while bad for some instances. The bounce rate depends on the critical factor as sources and traffic types for attracting visitors. If the visitors are looking for a specific company that is high commercial intent and familiar with the website, then less bounce and quickly gather the information he wants. The visitors landing page from Google Search bounces less than visiting from Facebook. As mindsets also matter, if the user visits the page relevant to anything he searches, it should not be bouncing off. The chances of a high bounce rate are more on blog pages than product or service pages. The website’s mobile-friendly design and layout attract users while confusing and old-fashioned format tends to have a higher bounce rate. The slow loading page and usability also make a significant impact on a high bounce rate. Thus, it is essential to understand the audience’s demand and improve the bounce rate by creating Google Analytics goals.

Why Bounce Rates are so High

The increasing bounce rate has made a tremendous impact on business. The higher bounce rate indicates losing the number of potential customers from our website without any further interaction. Now, let’s discuss the possible issues that affect the visitor leaving the first page immediately. Here are some reasons that affect the high bounce rate:-

low-quality Content- Why Bounce Rate Are So High & How To Improve It
  • Producing Low-Quality Content:

People are mostly landing the website by scanning headings and subheadings to learn more about the topic. If the content is supposed to consist of chunky paragraphs and an inappropriate manner, visitors will immediately leave the site. Even if your page consists of rich content, visitors keep on searching competitor sites for better content. Instead, be empathetic and ensure that your audience gets the relevant information about what they search for the info. We must make sure that visitors won’t read your content word to word. It must be easy to scan, practical, engaging, and consist of a unique objective. To determine the bounce rate, we need to observe the average time session duration on the Google Analytics page.

poor user experience- Why Bounce Rate Are So High & How To Improve It
  • Poor Designs And User Experience: 

The visual design and lean UX on the web page tend to attract visitors. If the layouts are not organizing and inadequate navigation will distract your visitors. The site seems to wander, containing irrelevant images, unpolished designs, and poor form that provokes visitors to leave the page. The user navigates further to a competitive area that has attractive graphical elements and sound design. Instead, we must make the navigation easy and lean UX to make the visitor happy, educated, and attentive to stick on the site page. Thus, the lower bounce rate indicates that the potential visitors willing to stay on the web page and navigate it.

Technical Error- Why Bounce Rate Are So High & How To Improve It
  • Technical Error:

Ideally, the website should load promptly. If the websites use the cheapest hosting that requires much time to load images, it gets less traffic. The site added large photos that distract the copy of the image and create many requests on the page’s loading. Before reading the page necessary to download the custom fonts and javascript effects take time to load the page. It may lead visitors to leave the landing page instantly and also cause concern about the Internet. The technical error on-site became the reason for the high bounce rate. If there is a display of error 404, then suddenly, we need to improve the mistake to lower down the bounce rate.

How to Reduce high Bounce Rate

The various websites have different goals to attract the audience. We have to adapt several methodologies to assess the top pages with the highest bounce rate by Google Analytics. Now let’s discuss some tricks to reduce the bounce rate and boost engagement with the website.

  • Plan Consistent Content Strategy To Read:

The reason behind the target audience leave the page immediately is lack of readability. Being your blogs have great content, but poor formatting results in a high bounce rate. We need to put more subheadings for a good user experience and use bullet points to explain the benefits. Use skimmable paragraphs and lots of white space around your content. Add questions in between to make it more chunky and stuff 3-4 bold keywords to make it more readable. We must end the content with the subheading conclusion so that by reading a few words, the user can get an overview of the topic. Thus, to lower the bounce rate and make the visitor stay on a page, use easy-to-understand language in a simple communicating tone. 

  • Improve Page Loading speed:

To speed up the site, we need to compress and optimize the images to improve performance. Consider altering the fast hosting provider to leveling up the legit height. The quickest way is to remove query string and unused plugins to boost the site’s speed.

  • Show Credibility:

The word Credibility means to perceive reputation and the ability to build trust. Today consumers are getting so bright, go through the best market offers, and ensure how reliable the site is. We need to display the glowing reviews, certifications, awards, and quality scores to ensure the quality reputation you have earned. Thus, make your website safe to instills confidence in them to assure that their personal information is secure.


In this way, enhancing conversion rates help us to improve the high bounce rate. The technical guide helps us to fix the high bounce rate using Google Analytics. To provide the best user experience, we have to adopt a consistent content strategy that gives quick results. Thus, lead generation ideas are implemented in the right way to help us build more traffic and spend more time reading.

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