Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the most awaited technologies and is the most highly used applied science in today’s era. People are looking forward to opting for it as it is highly advanced and is in high demand.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a robotics science that uses the intellectual processes like characteristics of a human, ability to reason, discover meaning, generalize, or learn from experience or say it is a science from which computers know from its experience to adjust new data input. This technology is entirely different from the one used now that is rule-based, but artificial intelligence uses Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processes (NLP). This technology is considered equivalent to that of human intelligence, and this will take a storm in the upcoming years.

This technology has a vast range of applications, and it will revolutionize the world known to us. Most of the traders are rushing to use AI either to satisfy their customers or to businesses. All you need to do is invest in Artificial Intelligence, and you will take a long jump higher than your competitors.


Artificial Intelligence has been generally categories in two ways:

  1. Narrow AI– Narrow AI uses Machine Learning and deep learning. Some of the examples are Google search, Siri, Alexa, etc.
  2. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)– AGI is still under research, and this is going to be the revolution for the world. AGI is going to work on human-like intelligence and will be able to perform any task.
Application of Artificial Intelligence

It is an assumption by the expert that Artificial Intelligence will acquire as crucial as electricity and mobile phones soon. AI will work not only in robotics but also in gaming, finance, banking, autonomous vehicles, health care, eCommerce, etc.

This ultimate technology positively affects businesses and marketing, customer support, searching, and sorting things according to interest. It also improves customer experience by analyzing data and delivering a more relevant result. It also saves resources as AI can perform all the task which a non-developer cannot.

Some of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications

There are still many applications that are known and use Artificial Intelligence. Let’s talk about some of them:

Google Assistant

Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Google Assistant

It was launched in 2016, an AI application working on voice. It is considered to be the most potent assistant working on voice-powered virtual assistance. Google had provided this assistance on a wide range of devices such as fridges, smartphones, a.c., cars, etc., by collaborating with many companies. 

Google assistant offers various services, e.g., voice commands, translation in real-time, voice searching, making appointments, voice-activated device control, sending reminders, helping with tasks, finding information online, etc. It works on both voice and text entry and works on natural language processing.


Siri- Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Siri a well-known and most popular virtual assistant from Apple and does not need much of an introduction. Siri is available on many major Apple platforms, e.g., IOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, etc.

Siri can make calls, text messages, provide suggestions, and answer questions using voice and natural language user interface (UI) for functioning. Siri also adopts the user’s language, interests, and preferences.


Alexa- Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A well-recognized AI-virtual powered assistant by Amazon, also known as Amazon Alexa. Now it is available on different platforms such as IOS and android. Primarily it was used with Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers.

Alexa provides many services like voice interaction, set the alarm, play audiobooks, playback music, real-time information, and much more by using voice queries, natural language processing, etc.


ELSA- Artificial Intelligence

ELSA speak an application designed to learn how to talk in English powered by Artificial intelligence. Users of this application learn how to pronounce and speak English words with short dialogues. AI helps here by providing instant feedback and make quick progress.

ELSA Speak uses speech recognition technologies, and about 101 countries using this application.


Cortana- Artificial Intelligence

The virtual assistant from Microsoft is powered by AI and is available on Windows 10, Microsoft band, Windows Phones, Android, IOs, Alexa, Xbox One, etc. 

Cortana provides hand-free help, keeps notice, puts reminders, answers questions, helps manage the calendar, and takes care of tasks. Cortana used the Bing search engine, natural language processing, and data from the device to recommend interest.

More applications such as Youper, Hound, Database, Fyle, Socratic, etc., work on AI and are highly used applications.

Let us have a brief for why to have an AI application for your business.

  1. It improves user experience with a virtual and voice search.
  2. AI is a resource saver as it can handle many tasks alone that a non-developer cannot.
  3. It also is pocket-friendly as AI will save maintenance and management and even time-saving.

Things must be much clear by now. The only issue now is, it is not easy to have an Artificial intelligence-based application for business. It is an entirely professionally skilled-based approach, so it will be better to take an expert developer’s help.

Not to worry, at HB Websol, we have a fully skilled team of programmers and developers to help you with best of all. It is always a privilege for us to make our customers happy.

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