Why my business need a mobile application?

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What is a mobile application?

A mobile application or a mobile app or simply an app is a software application or computer program built to run on mobile or tablet or smartwatch. Formerly the apps were given just for email, calendar, calculator, and contact database. On-demand; there was a rapid expansion in the application in other areas such as mobile games, factory automation, location-based services, order tracking, ticket purchasing, etc. Now, there are thousands of apps available. We will discuss in detail why my business needs a mobile application?


Apps can be downloaded through App Store (iOS) or Google PlayStore etc. These are the application distribution platforms, owned by the mobile operating system. The mobile apps can be paid or free.

Types of mobile application

The mobile apps are divided into various categories but are arranged in four to distinguish;

# Native app:
The app which only targets a particular mobile platform/os is a native app. For example, an iOS app which only works on Apple devices or an android app that only works on Android-powered smartphones.

# Web-based app:
These applications require the internet to work and coded using HTML5, CSS, or JavaScript.

# Hybrid app:
A mixture of native app and web-based app falls in this category. Applications developed using Apache Cordova, Xamarin, React Native, Sencha Touch, and other similar technology comes under the hybrid app.

Why my business have a mobile application?

Mobiles are the most trending device nowadays. Almost every single adult is carrying one. Hence to focus on mobile technologies is a wise idea if you want to prepare for the future. Mobile phones are called smartphones not because they had a higher education but because it hosts applications.

Mobile applications are considered to be the most potent means to spot the crowd in terms of business. Businesses from all around the world are offering ample products that are now shifting from physical to digital. Therefore, the online business is referred to as the digital market, increasing day by day. Digital never sleeps and updates regularly.

Mobile devices have less powerful processors than computers and have more features such as location detection and cameras. Mobiles work on batteries and are portable.

If you still are not convinced, let us have a look at more reasons to have a mobile application.

Increase in sales hence the growth in profit

Nowadays, people connect to the internet through mobiles prefer shopping online as it is time-saving and gets more options while having tea. Offering a bonus, discount, promotional coupons push notification on an app, and inspiring the customer to shop from you, ultimately increase sales & profit.

Many well-known companies saw a considerable profit in just a year after launching a mobile application. Another benefit is mobile payment; people find it easy to shop on a handheld device and pay at the same time. Easy and straightforward things always attract the buyer.

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Loyalty to the customers

Using a mobile application provides direct communication with customers 24*7. If your customer wants details about any of your products or services, he can have it anytime. Uninterrupted reciprocal action helps in flourishing a healthy and loyal relation with the customer and raises sales.

Create a loyalty program with your app that provides an unbroken link with the customer, and they do not get it anywhere. Provide them with coupons, promotional offers, discounts, bonuses, and even pay back coins or points; it encourages them to buy your services and products.

Besides, you can have ads and promotions in an app. I can suggest a personalized tool and push notification about new offers and new upgrades for the application. Many well-identified companies provided such offers like Starbucks, Flipcart, Airtel, etcetera, and had seen huge sales increase.

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Stronger Brand Recognition

According to the human’s mechanism, our brain quickly remembers the things that it sees then hears. If one has a mobile application on his phone, he sees the icon or app very frequently. That makes your brand a well-known one. And if you put any marketing campaign, your customers see it, placing a mark on their memory and building trust for your brand.

Starting with including all the features that your customers will love and then putting the offers and promotions in the app makes the customer busy with your app. The more they check out for the app, the more your brand is becoming sanctioned. More time spent on the app, the more inclined he/she is to buy your goods and services.

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Better bond with the customer

Customer services are a crucial part of any business, and mobile apps have taken customer services to a new level. It is the mobile app and the product presentation that attracts the buyer.

If the customer gets satisfied with the product/services and with the overall user experience which you are offering to your customers, then it is sure to have a long bond with them.

If the customer needs to go through your product or its information at night, he just needs to unlock the phone, which is a few inches away from him. He does not need to go to the shop, search for the salesman he is comfortable with or let know his needs to anyone. He does not have to wait for the regular working hours, just a click and done.

Also, now the customer does not have to deal with a human and his mood swings or bad behavior; he is free to open any product and get its details whenever he wants and even many times. As through a mobile app, you can provide 24*7 customer service.

The app interface is the fact that the customer will see every time he visits the app. It is just the same on every page, or every time he visits the app.

To summarize about Why my business needs a mobile application? I can say that if customer satisfaction and services are your priority, the mobile application is best for you.

Improved management

An app can be created for the employees, for the better interaction of the whole team, even for accomplished monitoring and management of processes, transfer of any file or data, and accumulating any statistics concerning the business. Organizing an event or multiple business tasks, a mobile app for employees is compelling.

More appropriate understanding of customers needs

Understanding the customer is the root of expanding the business. Through the app, you get more information about the customer’s choice. For example, details about what the customer mostly prefers to buy, how much time they spend on your app, from which location they are, etc.

You can even put a check on which is the popular functionality/screen or which one is the least used. The way people interact with your app makes you better understand how you can improve your app for the satisfactory experience of the customer.

Numerous customer one store

It is just a fantastic benefit of having a mobile application, at a single time, hundreds of customers can shop from around the world uninterrupted. Even you can send thousands of customers a notification or popup for offers and bonuses at the same time.

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To answer Why my business need a mobile application? I can say that every business should work for the evolution of the company and also opt for the newest technologies. Almost every company can have a mobile app and have numerous benefits resulting in increasing the business. I don’t say that mobile applications can save your business, but they will surely help you mark your presence in the market and secure the future.

You are making your products a brand through a mobile app, and this brand is displayed on your customer’s mobile screen or can say your store is in everyone’s pocket if they have your mobile app.

The only issue with the mobile app is, it is not easy to build. Either you need to have knowledge about different platforms and coding languages or need to hire an expert. There are numerous platforms available. To have an efficient and stunning mobile application, HB Websol is the best solution. We offer you the best mobile app developing services and economically friendly options for you.

I hope now you got an idea about “Why my business need a mobile application?”

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