Different Types of Digital Marketing to Promote Your Business

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Marketing, with the help of the internet, is called Digital Marketing. In recent years there is rapid growth in Digital Marketing. You will be left behind if you don’t opt for Digital Marketing as we are in a Digital Age. In comparison to printed marketing and marketing through television or radio, Digital Marketing is cheaper. With Digital Marketing, you can approach making the world aware of your brand and establishing a relationship with the client with no space constrain.

During this challenging time of COVID 19, Digital Marketing seems to be a windfall. During the pandemic time, there was a hefty growth in Digital Market and Marketing. It is also not that easy to go for Digital Marketing; one wrong step can be trouble for you and an excellent opportunity for your opponent to drag you back. So it is better always to know the path you are going to move on.

Let us have a look at different types of Digital Marketing methods.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

SEO- Search Engine Optimization- Different Types of Digital Marketing to Promote Your Business

SEO is the process of raising the quality and quantity of your website traffic, ranking higher in search engine pages, to increase the visibility of your site to the user of the search engine, like google and bling. Most users don’t even bother to move to the second page, so if you want to lift your business from an online search, SEO plays a vital part. Most benefits can be gained from SEO by channels such as websites, infographics, and blogs. SEO may target different searches, including an image search, news search, academic search, video search, and industry vertical search engine.

The Keyword is the vital part; through keyword search, the rank is analyzed. The ranking defines your site’s position on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Significant work needs to be done to amend your website and content on it and adding quality links to and from your website to drag it up on the search engine list. The search engine robot or crawlers are the one who collects the data and tabulates in the search engine context. When the user searches for the compatible term, the search engine as an outcome shows your site. The keywords, content, links (what to add and whatnot), image, structured data, CSS files are the ranking factors that are important to keep in mind.


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SMM-Social Media Marketing

SMM-Social Media Marketing- Different Types of Digital Marketing to Promote Your Business

Promoting goods and services through social media is Social Media Marketing. It increases brand awareness, generates leads for your business, and diverts traffic. Social Media Marketing comprises channels like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. To escalate targeted customers and raise the following, online businesses need to invest in social media marketing. Better to chose social media according to the type of your business. Facebook is good to go for every business, but if you possess B2B, Linkedin is better for you. If you are the owner of a visual business Instagram is a classic choice. These are just a few examples to make you understand better.

Most of the social media platforms have a built-in analytical tool, facilitates companies to put a check on success, progress, and engagement of ad campaigns. The information collected like age, interest, location, likes, and dislikes, by platforms like Facebook, is used to create targeted ads, attract the customers, promote products and services, and keep the customer up to date. These targeted ads and campaigns aim to increase social media followings hoping for more business.

Content Marketing

Form of marketing targeting on publishing, creating, and distributing content for the crowd online. Expand the customer base, increase brand awareness and credibility, traffic growth, seek attention, develop leads, and engage an online group of users. It is not a direct marketing method but by designing upgraded and valuable data to boot customer’s trust and bond. It is like advertising your brand without the main aim of selling it.

It is like understanding the needs of the customer and providing them with the information. Content Marketing draws the reader’s attention and gradually transforms these readers into future customers by generating and sharing treasurable data like post blogs, videos, or images. This data can be information about your business or the industry. It is better to check on the customer’s requirements and provide what they want to divert the traffic and deliver more business. Content marketing is a continuous process by distributing a large amount of content.

PPC-Pay Per Click

It is paid marketing. Form of advertising on search engines such as Google or Bing, the approach to divert traffic to your site by paying the publisher every time your ad is click. Pay per click uses a bidding system, while content sites frequently use fixed payment. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest are a few channels for PPC. The quality score and the selected keyword’s competition decide each ad’s cost or CPC (cost per click).

There are about four spots on google which show the ad, and to make the space in these four spots, you need to follow the bidding process on the selected keyword. When the user searches for something of his interest, Google will show your ad, and if the user clicks the ad, you have to pay to the search engine. The amount that an advertiser pay depends on the publisher, which is generally judged by two factors: the quality of the ad and the maximum bid the publicist is willing to pay. The higher the ad’s rate, the lower the cost per click is charged and vice versa.

SEM-Search Engine Marketing

SEM is the digital marketing method associated with the website’s elevation by rising visibility in the search engine result pages (SERPs) initially through paid advertisements like PPC. SEM usually covers both SEO and PPC. Transporting traffic is not easy; therefore, one needs to use both paid and non-paid ways. SEM assimilates with SEO to increase the content and website architecture’s quality to obtain a higher ranking in SERP strengthen PPC listing.

The soul in Search Engine Marketing strategy is Keywords. The first thing is to identify the keywords that are significant for your website and your product because that decides the ranking of the site displayed on SERP. These keywords had to be chosen very wisely so that when the customer searches it on the search engine, your page is ranked up and visible for them. The more visibility, the more the business.

Influencer/Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to providing a commission to others for advertising your products or services. You can search for an influencer that you feel is suitable and have a good following on social media or so, each time he sells the merchandise, he earns from it by sharing revenue.

First of all, you need to find an individual or a group with massive followers; it can be on social media or in industries. Then you need to approach them to collaborate with you. Most of them will require payment, and they agree with the piece of profit earned, which comes from the sale from their audience purchasing a product or service. This affiliation then creates blogs, videos, or posts to show it on their page or site. They show your association with them in the hope of gaining more profit for him and you.


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Email Marketing

Email is the form of marketing that includes email for promoting your business. It is the way of communicating with the audience by sending them emails about information, blogs, offers, events, and directing the crowd towards the business website. The challenge is to make it read in the pool of emails. It will be a waste if you cannot create an eye-catching email.

You need to make a list of people, design approaching mail, and send the right email to the right people at the right time. After deciding the mail to send, you can use email marketing tools or seek help from the marketing agencies. This can bring traffic to your site and help sell some products with coupons or discount codes.

Television Advertisement

Television is the most popular type of means of entertainment also, faster than other means like newspapers or radio. TV ads or TV commercials convey a message that focuses on marketing and promoting a product or service. A video has a potent effect on the human brain, and TV ads are more efficient.

The marketer collects the data about the customer’s interest and combines it in delivering advertisements. When the viewer watches television, ads are displayed in between; the video makes a good mark in the brain, and they unknowingly remember your product. The only key is to create an exciting and useful ad that attracts the customer. It is not only the television but also from any device.


It is always a perspective to choose the marketing method according to your need and demand, hoping that you understand a bit more about digital marketing and strategies; some of the marketing methods are mentioned above. You can also take help from digital marketing agencies. At HB websol, we are happy and ready to help you any time or guide you with suitable means according to your business.


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