Opening an Online Store for Electronics

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Nothing is certain in this world, and so the year 2020. COVID19 the biggest issue for today, due to which the lockdown for around 3 months caused a loss of lives, education, economy, and numerous things. I have an Electronic store; it is challenging to own a business to maintain social distancing, sanitization, masks, and all such kinds of things. The customer has gradually decreased to shop from a virtual store and start purchasing through online stores; this gave me a thought to start with my own online Electronics store.

There is no better time to start up with my online Electronic store to embrace the new normal. Many people are glued to the screen, from education to entertainment. Everything from outside is coming inside. After searching on the net and talking to people came to know how an online store can be established. Either by eCommerce and eCommerce platforms or traditional websites, an online store is built.


In eCommerce, one sells and buys goods and services through the internet and mobile application and transfer money and data to complete this transaction. Almost anything to everything can be sold and bought in just a few clicks from anywhere to everywhere. The task is undertaken with the help of processes like electronic fund transfer, mobile banking, online transaction process, supply chain management, etc.

There are ample benefits of eCommerce; neither my customer nor I have to be physically present to sell and purchase the electronic items; just in a few clicks can sell and the buyer can buy a product hence saving time. Now I can deal in as many products as I want as no space issue as in a physical store, and also the arrangement of products is so systematic and convenient for both my customers and me. The money can now be transferred online through credit cards, debit cards, online transfer, or any gateway like google pay, PayPal, Paytm, etc.

Customers receive their products at their doorstep. And countless benefits to offer through it, also the distance is maintained following COVID19. My business took a flight with stability and profit.

eCommerce Platforms


eCommerce Platforms are the interface for the user or store owner that provides us with the website or coding for the online store. The coding can be written in any programming language like PHP, Python, JAVA, etc. There are multiple flourishing eCommerce Platforms

such as WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Ravendel, and a long list. These platforms can be hosted, open-source, headless, or any of a kind. These Platforms are uniquely featured and may be free or paid or with a limited-time free trial. You may need an expert developer, or you yourself need to be techy at times. It depends on the product category, catalog, number of products and style, and budget to choose the platform.


For developing an eCommerce store, Shopify is a well-recognized platform. To make my online Electronics store look awesome and stylish, Shopify offers a wide range of plugins and themes. It is a paid platform, and the paid subscription cost $29 per month charges may vary with add-ons. Shopify also offers a free trial of 14 days; then, you can produce and continue the services.

Shopify offers many paid and free themes that are stunning and with innovative and unique features. These themes are highly customizable and fully responsive to any screen size. One of the themes I found suitable for my store is Digital.

Shopify Themes

The themes are the one which provides you with the look of the store on the screen. Each of the platforms offers the theme either designed by them or integrated with someone else. The theme makes the store attractive, systematic, and organized. The themes may be fully featured and completely customizable. They may be free or chargeable; the charge depends on the features and the plugins or addons you use to customize the appearance.

I have used Shopify to build my store as I found it suitable and comfortable to work with, pulse the themes it offers completely matches my style and appropriate for my products.

Digital – Electronics MultiPurpose Shopify Theme

Digital Theme- Opening an Online Store for Electronics

Digital is an electronic and multipurpose Shopify theme, which is easy to install and highly customizable. It is a paid theme costing $19. Digital is a multi-layout theme with multiple features and variations. It is an easy to use, compelling, and fresh theme I found comfortable using to build my online Electronics Store. I found it attractive as nowadays all eyes are glued to mobile phones, and this theme looks super cool on the mobiles and is a fully responsive theme with cross-browser compatibility.

Several interesting features are very advantageous and make the store look alluring, including 4+ homepage, 4+ header style, and 4+ footer style. Components comprise newsletter pop-up, unlimited CMS blocks, blogs widgets, product tab, product quick view, product wishlist, product compare, product grid/list view, ajax shopping cart, ajax search, testimonials, mega menu, and a long list of features. All this makes my store look perfect and well organized plus the cost is also reasonable and cheap.

Sunmi – Electronics Responsive Shopify Theme

Sumi Theme- Opening an Online Store for Electronics

Sunmi is a fully responsive professional Shopify theme costing $56 with additional charges. It is relevant for the modern store, vendor-based supermarket, affiliated websites. Sunmi is wrapped with most of the advanced features found in well-known eCommerce websites Flipkart, Amazon, Ali express, etc. It offers multiple homepages and is optimized for the mobile device, lives ajax search, product color swatches, horizontal and vertical mega menu, unique products page design modern style of blogs, automatically changes in the currency according to the region, full oberlo compatibility, googles web fonts, eCommerce wishlist, parallax background, blog list and grid, slick slider, social sharing and many more.

Electronics Shopify Theme – E&E

E&E Theme- Opening an Online Store for Electronics

E&E is a Shopify theme for electronics stores costing $48 with some additional charges. It is an innovative and productive theme which is a fully responsive theme suitable for every screen. E&E consists of 7 homepage layouts, which are too attractive and beautiful. The other stunning features include mega menu, drag and drop builder, blog section, product slider section, product tab section, product grid/list view, single product view, quick view, ajax mini cart, popup for the newsletter, multi-language, super easy customization, font icon, google fonts and many features.

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