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How to sell electronics online? Well, It is the big question! I have a traditional physical shop for electronic items. We have owned this store for around 50 years, originated from my grandfather. I always wanted to take our electronic store to the next level, make it a well-known brand, and expand the business countrywide. A few days back, while reading the newspaper, I saw an article with the heading growth of e-commerce stores about 58% due to COVID19. As we all know, every business and each industry has faced losses due to lockdown all over the world. Everyone was in search of an alternative to carry on the business, and so was I. That newspaper article gave me a path to build an online store for my electronics shop with eCommerce. Then after thorough research, I decided to Sell Electronic Products Online with Magento.

What is an eCommerce? And why should I consider using it?

How to sell electronics? eCommerce or electronic commerce is the action of buying and selling goods and services online with the internet’s help. It works on mobile commerce, electronic fund transfer, supply chain management, internet market, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange, inventory management system, and automated data collection system.

eCommerce removed all the obstacles geographically. Now I have customers from around the country, even there is no hurdle of time as I can sell, and customers can shop anytime. Customers preference has changed as online shopping delivers the products fast and to their doorstep with discounts. The customer can now buy in a few clicks sitting at home or office without disturbing their schedule and comparing products as they have multiple options. They can check the product detail, order history and can also track their order. Now I have a massive stock of my products as there are no storage limitation issues. I can have a fancy, systematic, and beautiful Online Electronic Item Store with the eCommerce Platform’s support.

Popular eCommerce Platforms/CMS


eCommerce platforms are the software provider to build your online store. There are various options available for choosing an eCommerce platform, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Ravendel, and many more. Each eCommerce platform has its advantages and limitations, and one can choose a platform according to their specification. Some of these platforms are hosted solutions; some are cloud-based, some come up with headless approaches; some are open source, while some are premium/paid.

What are the Themes? And what it does?

Almost all the eCommerce platforms offer themes to make the online store look elegant, magnificent, and organized. The themes may be paid or free. Most of the themes come with the option to customize the online store’s look and feel. If you want to customize the look and feel extensively, you may need to hire an eCommerce development company that can customize the code to accommodate your desired changes. During a theme selection, you need to consider many things like the number of products, categories, budgets, the nature of your business, etc.


Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that is malleable and dynamic. Open-source platforms are open to all, and anyone can use the code or customize its functionality according to one’s needs. For having a tailored online store, which truly represents you, you can hire an eCommerce development company to help you. Magento is suited for all three categories of business: small business, mid-market, and enterprise.

How to sell electronics? I chose Magento as it is unique, and I can modify my online Electronics store according to my needs. It is suitable for me as It also provides a progressive web app through which my website’s user can access the site on their mobile like a mobile app, as mobile phones are a more convenient way for the customer to use them.

Magento furnishes a store by providing appealing and organized themes, which attracts the customer by arranging and tidying the product. There are many themes available approx 500+ themes to offer to its customers. Some themes are free, while other themes charges may be applicable. It becomes easy to sort themes as they have been categorized differently: according to their price, ratings, tags (like-beauty, food, electronics, medicines, and so on), and many others. I have seen many themes to build my electronics online store, and I chose the Market theme, so I can say that now I have an answer to How to sell electronics online?


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Market – Premium Responsive Magento 2 and 1.9 Store Theme with Mobile-Specific Layout (24 HomePages)

Market Premium Responsive Magento Theme- Sell Electronic Products Online with Magento

It is a premium Magento 2 and 1.9 theme that can be completely customized and appropriate to build my online store to sell electronics products. I have paid $129 with some additional charges to set up my Electronics Store on the internet. It consists of 23+ homepage layouts. As its name reflects, the Market is suitable for multi-category stores with multiple branches and products, for example, online Market, supermarket, digital store, hi-tech store, watches, fashion, clothing, furniture, books, cosmetics, and likewise. To Sell Electronic Products Online with Magento, I found that the Market theme is the best fit for me.

The Market mingles with many premium Magento Extensions increasing its functionality; a Vertical Mega Menu with multiple columns and static blocks with a cordial image brings detailed information about my products. Layered navigation ajax, ajax cart pro extension, help my customers purchase quickly, multi-language, multi-currency, product hover effect, etc.

There are seven different styles in this theme to display my products. The Market provides a fully responsive store; with this theme, my Electronics Store looks terrific on any device, may it be a mobile phone, laptop, or any other. With MegaMenu, I can easily customize my list of products by choosing information to display, creating a column, and adding images, videos, etc. My customer experience fast loading with Quick Cart Pro includes adding to cart, add to wishlist, add to compare, and many such options. Another feature that makes shopping effortless for my customer is SearchBox Pro, through which any product can found by searching by name, description, price, etc. While scrolling down the products, it takes less time to load the image by Lazy Load Product.

It was a great experience to work with Magento and Market. It has numerous excellent features that attracted me, and my customer feels comfortable and suitable to shop at my Electronics online store.

Electropong – Home Electronics Magento 2 Theme

Electropong Home Electronics Magento Theme- Sell Electronic Products Online with Magento

Electropong is a Magento 2 theme that costs $89 with additional charges. Installing a theme is a big headache, but Elecropong is smooth and efficient as all the documentation and installation process is available for us. Some main features provided by Elecropong include a drag and drop Mega Menu, easy to customize Promo Banner and Advanced Film Slider module, add the edge-to-edge slider with multiple layers on the Homepage with negligible effort. It has many editing tools through which customization of stores is easy without going through the codes.

Electropong presents Extension MegaPack, which includes live search, countdown timer, quick view, Ajax Wishlist, Ajax filter, Ajax compare, google map, blog, featured product, brand, and many more that are very supportive to customers. Electropong is device-friendly; it looks great on any device, including mobiles, laptops, tablets, and much more hence convenient for the customer and us. There is a MegaMenu, a vigorous and influential tool that creates a better look and professional navigation easily without having a piece of technology knowledge; also, this feature allows us to arrange products in different categories subcategories.

Firezy – Responsive Magento 2 Theme

Firezy Responsive Magento Theme- Sell Electronic Products Online with Magento

Firezy is a flexible and easily customizable theme from Magento. It is exclusively designed for multipurpose stores such as digital, electronics, automobiles, cars, fashion, clothes, and many more. The color combination, contrasts, and layouts make the theme look fancy and attractive. All the sub-pages are customizable and compatible with all browsers. How to sell electronics online? To Sell Electronic Products Online with Magento, the Firezy theme can be the right choice.

Firezy contributes six different types of layout; we can opt for any format according to our needs. Firezy is a responsive theme; that is suitable and comfortable on any device, may it be a laptop, palmtop, PCs, or any handheld device. The Vertical MegaMenu is a very convenient and smooth feature for the customer as it shows a list of products with brief detail and images and videos. This theme offers a secondary product image and configurable swatch product, additional product tab, and newsletter. Supports multi-language and multi-currency.

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