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I am a Boutique owner, and around January, I opened my cloth store. I was taking wings in my business, but Due to COVID19, all the stores were closed due to lockdown. It caused loss not only to me but to all. I dream of being a successful businesswoman and a brand owner and will have customers all around the country maybe the world, but all my dreams start to shatter. One day while using youtube, I came across an ad for BigCommerce, saying, have your dream store online. I started searching and details about how to Sell clothing & apparel online with BigCommerce to know about eCommerce.

What is an eCommerce? And what’re its Benefits?

eCommerce is the activity of buying and selling products and services online through the internet. It works on technologies like mobile commerce, electronic fund transfer, online transaction, online money transfer, electronic data interchange, and many more, which makes shopping easy for buyers and effortless and relaxing for the sellers.

eCommerce benefited me in many ways due to COVID19; according to government rules, we have to maintain social distance, as now I have a virtual store, so no physical interaction with the customer. No time limitations; my customer can shop any time 24*7*365. No geographical area constraints as I can now sell anywhere around the world in just a few clicks. I don’t even have issues with space on my online store as it was in my physical store.

Popular eCommerce Platforms/CMS


eCommerce Platforms are the base for having online stores; platforms are like software, and they can be in any programming language. There are various eCommerce CMS platforms available like WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and Ravendel, and many more. Each of them has exclusive features. Some are on hosted solutions, some are open-source, while some offer a headless approach. Some platforms are entirely free, while some come with a pricing plan, the paid platforms do provide a free trial for a limited period so that we can be chosen wisely according to our needs and demands.

After thoroughly researching, I found that Bigcommerce is the best fit as per my requirement, and then I decided to Sell clothing & apparel online with BigCommerce.

bigcommerce logo

BigCommerce helped in giving wings to my online store to fly high with its simple and elegant looks. BigCommerce is a hosted solution that provides an interface for us. These solutions are an excellent option for people like me who are not experts in programming and want a simple interface.

Bigcommerce offers a free trial for 15 days, and then we need to pay to continue the services. Bigcommerce has monthly $29.95, $79.95, $299.95 for standard, plus, and pro plans, respectively. They also have annual plans if one wants to subscribe for a year.

An online store needs to look systematic and appealing, or else the customer leaves your website. For this, the platform provides themes. Themes may be paid or free; every eCommerce CMS Platform ensures a default theme and setup. BigCommerce offers many significant and alluring themes categorized based on the store’s catalog size or by the industry. Like art and craft, fashion and jewelry, health and beauty, food and beverages, and many more, this kind of bifurcation makes it easy for the user to find the right theme for their online store as per their domain.

I have gone through many of the themes from BigCommerce. I choose Lifestyle default as I found it appropriate for my needs and is free of cost.


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Lifestyle Default

LifeStyle Default BigCommerce Theme- Sell Clothing & Apparel Online with BigCommerce

Lifestyle is a transparent and adaptable theme by BigCommerce. It is free of cost. It is suitable for a vast catalog and is a multipurpose theme. The flexible layout and top menus make exploring my apparel store smooth and simple. It is an easy-to-manage design that allows me to easily customize its elements like color, font header, and footer comfortably. Lifestyle consists of only one style, default.

Lifestyle is a fully responsive design, which means it is suitable for any device, may it be a handheld device, PC, or laptop; my customer can now shop from any device. The front page shows slides of products, offers, and trending designs. My product photographs are in high resolution, and the videos are too uploaded—free update for the theme and customizable product selector.

Lifestyle has many convenient features for my customer. Like customer support, easily add to cart, the compare product in tabular form, search filter, cart suggested product, multi-tiered sidebar menu, advanced quick view, customized checkouts are also available. The Lifestyle theme helped me a lot to Sell clothing & apparel online with BigCommerce.

Bazaar Bold

Bazaar Bold BigCommerce Theme- Sell Clothing & Apparel Online with BigCommerce

Bazaar Bold is a multipurpose theme to make your artwork, jewelry, or clothing a brand. The icons made the first impression, which gave it a bold hero area and category grid combination. It costs $150. The bazaar is available in four styles: luxe, light, fresh, and bright.

The bazaar is a fully responsive theme optimized for any device. Front pages have a slideshow of a product in trend, discounted products, or anything of your choice. High-resolution images of your stuff and descriptive videos. Free update of the theme and free customer support.

With the product comparison table, customers can compare and buy according to their needs. One page checkout and quick add to cart feature make the customer experience smooth on the collection page. Product showcase and product filter help customers to sort and choose the appropriate thing they are looking for. Mega navigation and google AMP are also must-needed features for every online store.

22 Savile Row Contemporary

22 Savile Row Contemporary BigCommerce Theme- Sell Clothing & Apparel Online with BigCommerce

22 Savile row-contemporary is one of the best seller BigCommerce theme from The Blueprint Theme Store. It cost $185. 22 SavileRow has a high quality of photography hence much suited for fashion industries. Highly customizable in the theme editor, thus preferable for the user. This theme provides 20 conversion enhancing modules, including rollover image switcher, color swatch previews, configurable newsletter popup box, and many such smooth features.

22 Savile Row possesses four different styles in the layout: contemporary, classic, contrast, and boutique. It is apt for any device, as it is a fully responsive theme. The quick add to cart, product comparison table, cart suggested product, product filter, high-resolution image, descriptive videos, advanced quick view, and many such exciting features make shopping headache-free, effortless, and bright for the customers. Frontpage slideshow, a free update for the theme, free customer support, mega navigation, masonry design, customized checkout, multi-tiered sidebar menu are some more delightful features that make it complacent about using.


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