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I am a fashion designer, and I own a boutique. It’s been around five years since I bought this boutique. The competition is increasing day by day. When I started with my work, there were only two boutiques around 10km, but now we are 10-12. Things were already not so favorable, then came the COVID19 Pandemic causing complete lockdown around the country. Shops were closed for about three months, causing loss. I was worried about my business and the financial crisis. I discussed with my family to have everyone’s opinion about what we can do to run the business smoothly. As today’s generation is smarter, my son suggested me to have another store with a lot more space, where I can go with new designs, no time, and area limitation. I asked him how can this be done. He shared the concept of having an online clothing store of mine, which will run through the internet, and customers from all around the country will able to shop in a few clicks. I agreed with the suggestions to Start My Online Boutique using WooCommerce, and I start the work in this direction.

What is an eCommerce? And why should I consider using it?

eCommerce or electronic commerce refers to the activity of buying and selling of products and services using the internet. The user can do this transection using any mode, either it is a mobile application or a website.

eCommerce benefitted me a lot in increasing my sales. Now I can sell the products to my customer 24*7, with no time-related issues. Customers can place orders from anywhere & anytime; the internet connects them with me without any area limitation. Customers find it easy and safe to shop. Now they can buy in a few clicks without disturbing their schedule, and money can be transferred electronically by using credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers. This practice also ensures that social distancing is also maintained.

Popular eCommerce Platforms/CMS


eCommerce platforms are the service provider which provides the software in the different programming languages to build an online store to sell any products. There are many platforms available, like WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Ravendel, and many more. These platforms may be paid or free or may offer a free trial. These platforms may be open source or have paid pricing plans. Some platforms follow a headless approach, and some platforms are on the hosted solution. Each platform has unique features, and it needs to pick according to one’s needs and budget. I research all these platforms and decided to Start My Online Boutique using WooCommerce.

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What are the Themes? And what it does?

The theme is responsible for your online store’s look and feels and by controlling the layout, one can have a systematic and organized store. It’s the theme that controls the design of the store. The eCommerce platforms provide us with these themes; they may be free or paid. The users can customize their store by adding features through the themes and make it more attractive and presentable. I have a good-looking store and theme that matches my style.

Gioia – Modern Fashion Shop

Gioia Theme- Start Online Boutique using WooCommerce

Gioia is a modern fashion shop Magento theme loaded with everything that a contemporary store needs. Gioia helped me to build my fashion shop, or can say, an online clothing store website, quickly and professionally. It cost $75 with additional charges. It has 11+ different homepages, which are so attractive that I was confused about which one to opt for. Gioia is compatible with free and persuasive WooCommerce plugins; all the needs of a customer fulfilled, including- order tracking, user wishlist, account, shopping cart, quick view, and so on; customers also have the facility of creating their personalized profiles on my site. It is fully responsive and looks ravishing on all screens. YITH plugins are fully compatible with the quick view, wishlist, and color and label plugins. Gioia has appreciable the support of agents who are ready to support you in any difficulty. Comprehensive and easy to follow guide.

The theme comes up with newsletter popups, side carts, product overview, product type, in-depth presentations, item features, and bestseller lists. Gioia also has a marketplace for multi-vendors that creates a storefront for multiple vendors. Gioia displays your product in a stylish manner and inner page templates. I can say that because of the Gioia theme, I decided to Start My Online Boutique using WooCommerce.


Zonex Theme- Start Online Boutique using WooCommerce

Zonex is a WooCommerce WordPress theme that is just awesome to use and is impeccable for any e-commerce fashion shop, fashion websites, clothing stores, and online accessories shops and comes with many impressive features and a fabulous presence. It costs $48 with additional charges. It’s a clean and minimal theme with ten homepages also provides 8+ product layouts and 17+ shop layouts. Zonex is a responsive theme for mobile and is quick and easy to use on mobile screens. It offers live search and suggestion making it easy to shop also a shopping cart to add on the things of choice, and a quick view option. There is also a buy-together feature so that one can suggest what they can buy together. Pinning products and product boost sales are other smart features. Now can choose from several designed elements, pre-built layouts, and theme options or can easily create a new format that matches your style. Zonex supports an Ajax shop completely, with wise filtering, delivering super fast speed, replacing the need to wait for page loads. And Zonex, with its Instant Product Search system, finds results instantly when you type without waiting.

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Favita – Fashion WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Favita Theme- Start Online Boutique using WooCommerce

Favita is a modern, minimal, and elegant fashion WooCommerce WordPress theme that helps build a systematic online Apparel store. It consists of 7+ homepages or can say a demo for the store. It costs $48 with additional charges. Showcase the practical pages showing your company, display gift card info, and narrate a bit more about you. The beautiful design of Favita is responsive to all screens. It supports live Ajax search, multiple page style, plenty of widgets, seven header and five different footers, product variable swatches, mega menu, and much much more.

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