What to look for in the Best Audio Player for your WordPress Website?

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You probably don’t want to spend your cents on an audio player, which in turn deteriorates your website performance. Such as making it work slow, contradicting your interface design, requiring high maintenance costs, and so on. Then take a pause and think before spending your resources.

It isn’t apparent to have an audio player that appropriately satisfies your music needs. But it becomes even more complex when picking an audio player for your website. What about those who own a WordPress-based website where you have plenty of options available to you? 

Yes! It couldn’t be more confusing.

WordPress is a powerhouse of about millions of websites we see on the internet daily. These websites consist of owners who provide audio content on their websites with different purposes. This audio content can turn into something magnificent or, on the contrary, become a huge turn-off for your visitors. And it’s all in your hands.

But the question arises:

What aspects should one look after for having the best wordpress audio player?

We have got you covered; here, we will provide you with a complete checklist to review before making your decision. Make sure you are clear about how you want to embed your audio files on your website. I prefer to do this using audio player plugins or widgets.

Key Factors to keep in mind in order to select Best Audio Player for WordPress

Diversifying Needs

illustrating different needs of an audio player

Whether it’s musicians, podcasters, any passionate music lover, or anyone who conducts any audio events on his website, needs customizing an audio player. They all come with different music needs and unique identities, which they want to build on their website using that one compatible audio player.

So it is essential to have an audio player that reflects your purpose to your audience in a precise manner.

Let’s say you are an event organizer (DJ or RJ) who displays his music events every weekend. You must be looking for a dynamic music player with advanced customizing features that lets you represent your personality and your work to the audience. But any ancient storyteller may not have this kind of need. Instead, they must be looking for a simple and compact audio player under a limited budget for their website.

User Experience

Visitor enjoying an audio player

Imagine you added an audio player on the website a day ago. The next day you see analytics that half of your traffic turn down from your website. Are you wondering what just happened? The most probable reason here could be that your website visitors do not enjoy visiting you as they used to before. Maybe this is because of your audio player (or maybe not). This is called a bad user experience. 

Any Mp3 player must allow visitors the freedom to do what they want to when interacting with your website. Therefore, select the correct audio player to evoke the right emotions and provide a better user experience.

Easy to use

operating audio player on website

As known, there are plenty of audio players in the WordPress market. But there are rarely easy to operate. Not all but many of us are on WordPress because we suck at programming. So what we look for to add functionalities to websites are respective plugins.

Many of these audio player plugins perform well in the frontend but are complex and time taking in the backend. If you aren’t good at technical problem-solving, then I don’t think you’re willing to pay a high maintenance fee to a professionals every time you get in trouble. 

If not, then think twice and find an agile audio player that you can add, operate, and move effortlessly on your website.

Customizable and Responsive

illustrating audio player working on different screens

Another aspect you must consider is having an audio player, which you could vary according to your wants, and works well on all-sized devices.

The best audio player is one that lets you customize every possible area of your music player, such as color, size, image, download/like options, display options, etc., and therefore blends with your website perfectly.


Lightweight devices and applications comparatively consume fewer system resources (such as RAM usage etc.) and programs faster. Simply put, think of those smartphones which do not hang or run out of battery sooner even when you perform multiple tasks on them.

Similarly, your website consists of various functions and web pages, and you don’t want to affect them with your bulky audio files. All you need is a light-weighted audio player instead of one that eats out all your system resources and reduces overall website performance.

Support Large files

adding large audio files to website

Not all audio players give you this freedom. Almost all Mp3 player plugins and widgets have their predetermined size limit for uploading. But if you are dealing in colossal-sized audios in any way on your website, then go for the supportive audio player, which lets you do so. 

There are many new and emerging html5 based audio player plugins in the WordPress repository. They give you access to insert audio files regardless of their size without impacting website performance. Look for it and bring it to use.

Attractive Design

attractive design

Music is art that conveys messages and evokes emotions. If you are a passionate music artist or enthusiastic podcaster, you won’t ignore this feature. An eye-catching audio player is everything you need on your website. 

Imagine you have an audio player stuffed with lots of customizing options but it couldn’t draw your visitors’ attention. What if they don’t even notice your audio player? Or if they don’t click the play button?

An Mp3 player should have an engaging user interface. That compliments your website design and drives your visitors towards playing audios.

Fast and Secure

illustrating secure audio player

It is most common but yet overlooked. Your visitors are always in a rush and want an audio player which loads fast. If your music player needs loading files every time users click on the play button, they will escape your site right away.

Everyone claims that their audio player is fast and secure. But not everything heard is true. If you aren’t new to wordpress, you may know that you can insert audio easily through the default media library or using an audio block in WordPress. This method is native and is always free from threats.

But this method allows you to customize to some extent and have limited options. I would personally recommend those audio player plugins, the codes of which are credible and up to date. Check reviews of different wordpress audio players and understand your agile needs. Then select the best in the market.


Audio Player for your website at a cost-effective price

An audio player which satisfies all the above strands but will cost you a fortune; you probably don’t want this. Then prioritize your needs for the audio players accordingly. This will help you to invest the right amount in the right place. 

If you want to have a Music player just for entertainment, many free audio plugins are available. You can use them. But if you carry specific purposes to serve, free audio players may limit your reach. So to experience rich music quality at low costs, find one accordingly.

Pro Tip

Never load your page with too many distractions.

Your audio player will probably hideaway behind those elements. And even after considering these factors, you won’t be able to get the expected results.


Other than this, there could be many different aspects that one could consider. But for one who values music and wants to deliver a quality audio experience to his audience, should make a wise choice of your WordPress mp3 audio player. After all, your choice can make you stand out from the crowd of music websites out there.

 You need to understand your audience and give them what they are looking for. By keeping these small things on top of your head, you are not far from investing in the right place and encountering significant ROI.

Comment down any other factors which we can add to the list; your fair opinions are appreciated.

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