7 Reasons why the best way to showcase your audios is to build a website

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Why to use website for Audio Players

We live in a digital world where establishing your online identity is essential for interacting with audiences alike. You need to be there where your audience gathers. That’s online! Whether it is about learning, trading, or entertainment, the internet has come a long way.

Digital space is stuffed with a variety of content here and there. Specifically,
audio content is a constantly emerging trend. Though at a slow pace but emerging. Apart from having specific purposes, using digital audio is also becoming a part of content strategy for marketers. Not to mention Social media platforms, where audios and videos are adding value. Also, you know that there are so many doors open for you to showcase your audio files. On social media, music websites like Spotify, podcast sharing sites like SoundCloud, Reddit music, etc. You are probably doing this all and enjoying significant reach.

But do you have your own website?

If you think you don’t need one, then keep reading. Until the end of this write-up, I will leave you with
intensely pondering reasons to have a music website for hosting your audio files. If you do have one, then you’ll come to know how to make the best from it. Some easy ways to build a website using website builders like WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace, etc.

One who needs audio player on its website

There could be many reasons that surround one’s website needs. And many ways to add mp3 files to your website. Though there is no specific category of audio users, following are some who may consider audio technology as priority content on their website.

  • Churches to host their sermons.
  • Musicians and band to display their work and to sell it.
  • Event Performer ( Dj or Rj) to organize their online music events.
  • Teachers or Lecturers who want to host their audio lectures for their students.
  • Storytellers or podcasters who podcast regular audio episodes.
  • Stand-up comedians entertain their site visitors with their work.
  • Vocal Trainers like yoga trainers, music trainers, etc., provide audio training classes to the interested audience.
  • News agencies to podcast their news articles in audio form.
  • Speakers of any kind like regular social speakers, religious speakers, etc.

Besides them, many would love to
embed an audio player on their website for entertainment and marketing as well.

7 Pros of having a website for hosting audio files

#1 Increase your visibility

web visibility of audios

The Internet world is full of competition. So it’s not a big deal that you probably go astray in this crowd of competition. New audio arrivals every day may scroll you down in the searches. Also, everyone visiting those intermediary websites may not find your audios. Also, only one visiting those websites could see you. Gaining exposure at third-party websites requires lots of consistency and still gives you no assurance of a lead.

Having your website and maintaining your consistency there will surely bring you in the eyes of many and justify your efforts. Add your
keywords-optimized content to your music website. This way, your audience can easily find you and your audios when they type something related directly on search engines.

#2 Builds trust

Build visitors’ trust towards audio files

Your Domain! It’s like having your own address on the digital land. This shows that you aren’t any random wanderer on the internet. 

If you acquire your domain name on the internet, this gives a sort of credibility to your audience. It reflects your audience that how professional you are with your
audio work. In return, it becomes easy to rely on you and visit you every time they want to enjoy mp3 music or any podcast.

I am not stopping you from hosting your
audio files on intermediary platforms, but with that, give your listeners a reason that they could think of building a constant relationship with you. Don’t let your potential listeners go to other options available out there. Keeping your audio player on the website is the best way to hook them up for the future.

#3 Showcase your unique identity

develop a unique brand identity for your audios

If you want to set up your personal brand, your website could do that for you. Create a website using any website builders. Fill your website with a unique logo, attractive design, features, options, and your very own content of all forms. Put all your mp3 audio files there. It reflects your unique personality and therefore gives you recognition in the market. You can show your audience what makes you different from everyone out there.

Every 9 of 10
professional audio providers we see on social media own a website. Even if you are a beginner, the great way to start is by investing your resources and time in the right place, i.e., building a top-notch website. 

Your audience wants to know you better before they can interact with your sound. Don’t worry about those initial expenses in building a website; these are going to pay you back.

#4 A permanent destination

Permanent place to store all your audio files

When you host your music or podcasts on third-party websites, no guarantee, it will be there forever. After some time, your mp3 files may get old and covered beneath those latest arrivals. Or algorithms of those websites could remove your music unknowingly.

Own website is like a
warehouse for all your audio files. It is a permanent place to put all your audio and lead them from one place. This way, your music, and podcasts will never get outdated. Neither lost. Every website visitor can go through all new and previous work placed on your web pages.

#5 Control in your hands

controlling a display of your audio files

Even though it is in real life or the digital world, as audio providers, we love creating an engaging environment that complements our audio. Other hosting platforms may let you make that environment to some extent. There you have to follow a list of fixed rules of that site.

So, The most considering reason to have a website is that you can
control everything on your website. Your background themes, display of your audio player, count of audio tracks, priority playlists, and it goes on. You can fully personalize what you want your listeners to listen to and how you want them to feel. All you have to do is understand your audience. Then efficiently manage the steps you want your listeners to take, like downloading or sharing it.

#6 Maintain analytics

analyzing traffic visiting your audio player

You come to know that you get many likes or views on any particular mp3 file you put on any platform, and another audio has gone a big flop. You may know the reason. Still, you cannot control it further.

But you can easily see the analytics of your website and improve it by taking considering actions. All you need is an excellent analytical tool like
google analytics or any other. You can maintain your SEO-friendly content like related blogs, etc., to easily target your audience and drive them towards your audio content.

If you want an audio player which provides you real-time insights of when and where your audios has been played, you must try HB Audio Gallery Pro plugin for wordpress. It comes with a dashboard widgets for analytics.

#7 Engagement

Customer engagement for audio player

When you host on third-party websites, your audience is not there to find you alone. They are there to look for what makes them feel more engaging. Visitors of that site aren’t visiting your personal audio files.

But your audience will not get distracted by any other posts or
sounds if they are on your website. Your website gives you an excellent opportunity to connect with your listeners and leave them with a reason to come back. You can provide them engaging user experience and involve them in elements of your website. The ball is in your court. So make it count.

Are you going to build a website for your audios?

You must be thinking that building a website is no child’s play. But not to forget that we are surrounded by evolution where there is an answer to every question. There are many website builders like Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, etc.

But WordPress is a
silver bullet available to you. Being more than a website builder, it is most leading CMS in the market with a share of 60% of total CMS. You can build your mp3 audio site on WordPress without any significant know-how of programming. 

Manage your content and display using a wide variety of themes, widgets, and plugins. WordPress comes with a variety of options to let you display your
audio player.

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